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giovedì 28 aprile 2022

Russia warns that NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine poses “serious, real” threat of NUCLEAR war

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In a new statement, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for engaging in a proxy war with Russia via Ukraine.

Appearing on Russian state television, Lavrov reiterated Russia’s stance that it is fully legitimate for the country to target weapons in Ukraine that were put there by its Western allies. (Related: Evidence suggests that the Pentagon-run bioweapons laboratories in Ukraine were intended to attack Russia.)

While it may not have been the case previously, Lavrov now says that the risk of nuclear war is “considerable” because NATO just will not back down and stop the aggression.

“If NATO essentially engages in war with Russia through a proxy and is arming that proxy, war means war,” Lavrov said. “I would not want to elevate those risks artificially. Many would like that. The danger is serious, real. And we must not underestimate it.”

Biden sends $800 million, drones and other military aid to Ukraine to escalate conflict

In response, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin turned Lavrov’s statements around, insinuating that Russia is now threatening the United States and that this is “very dangerous and unhelpful.”

“Nobody wants to see a nuclear war happen,” Austin said. “It’s a war that all sides lose. And so, rattling of sabers and, you know, dangerous rhetoric is clearly unhelpful and something that we won’t engage in.”

What Austin failed to mention is that NATO members continue to flood Ukraine with increasingly deadlier weapons in order to confront Russia in both the east and the south, where the two countries have been involved in disputes for many years.

Germany, for instance, is sending “Gepard” anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine in a notable policy shift that suggests NATO is the one escalating the situation, not Russia.

“Yesterday, we decided that Germany will make the delivery of ‘Gepard’ anti-aircraft tanks possible to Ukraine,” announced German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht in a speech seen by Deutsche Welle.

Fake American “president” Joe Biden also announced on April 21 that another $800 million in American taxpayer dollars is being flushed straight into Ukraine as “military aid” for ongoing operations there.

Also listed in the package disclosed by Hunter’s dad were some heavy artillery weapons, including 72 155mm Howitzers and 144,000 rounds of ammunition, along with 72 tactical vehicles to tow the Howitzers.

More than 122 Phoenix Ghost Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems, aka drones, are also being sent, along with other field equipment and spare parts.

Germany, Poland and the United States are also providing additional training to Ukraine to fight against Russia, which suggests that World War III is already in motion – it has just not yet seen the climax.

The Biden regime says its goal is to cripple Russia to the point that it will not ever again be able to launch the type of invasion it launched in Ukraine back in February.

“Ukraine remains a sovereign country, a democratic country, able to protect its sovereign territory,” Sec. Austin said when asked about the U.S.’s “goals for success” amid the conflict, adding that he wants to see Russia’s military capacity greatly diminished.

“It has already lost a lot of military capability and a lot of its troops, quite frankly, and we want to see them not have the capability to very quickly reproduce that capability,” Austin further claimed.

In the comment section at The Epoch Times, someone wrote that Russia has more nuclear weapons than any other country in the world, and that the U.S. could do a whole lot of nothing in response if a nuclear attack was actually launched.

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